Backend Developer

Hello! We’re excited to hear that you are interested in joining us.

Since 2008, we have been developing an ERP system that allows an international fund to successfully invest and conduct its operations. We are not very public. For that reason, we will reveal further details only in a personal conversation. You will have likely heard of us and may be pleasantly surprised!

We’ve grown to a team of over 50 and are constantly looking for talented individuals to join us. It’s extremely important to us to maintain a friendly working environment, which is why we select new team members very carefully. We have extensive experience in various development scopes and a wealth of knowledge that we are ready to share with you should you join us.

How our backend works

  • Our stack: PHP 8.2-8.3, Mysql8, Nginx, Memcached, Redis, Sphinx.
  • We do cross-code reviews, cover unit code with functional and integration tests using PHPUnit.
  • For our services we use the Symfony framework, in the monolith — Symfony and self-written with components from Symfony and Laravel together.
  • We use GitLab to store code and CI. In CI we run PHPUnit, code style (PSR-12) and PHPStan (level 8 + additional strict rules).
  • We use the Smarty template engine, but we are abandoning this and are moving towards an API on the backend with React on the frontend.
  • There are also several mobile apps clients to our backend.
  • The entire project is run locally in Docker.

What we’d like to see in you

  • A strong technical skillset and a suite of software tools necessary for PHP back-end development.
  • Experience in the competent use of OOP techniques in PHP.
  • Ability to write high-quality, readable PHP code using version 7.4 or higher.
  • Understanding of design approaches and API operation.
  • Ability to competently use Git and properly understand the Gitflow workflow.
  • Minimal experience in Unix server administration. It is not required for you day-to-day work, but basic knowledge is needed.

Your main responsibilities

  • Take part in the development of the system with complex business logic using our self-written frameworks and Symfony 5.
  • Integrate with external APIs.
  • Participate in discussions about product issues, refactoring, and architecture.
  • Conduct code reviews.
  • Analyze requirements, refine, evaluate and propose optimal solutions for implementation and implement them.
  • Interpret someone else’s code to make edits or refactor it.
  • Write tests.

You will stand out if you

  • Have worked with PHP version 8.0 or higher.
  • Have experience writing tests using PHPUnit.
  • Have experience working on projects as a team.
  • Have experience participating in and evaluating task planning sessions.
  • Have worked in PHPStorm IDE.
  • Have experience working with or setting up CI/CD.
  • Have experience in Docker.
  • Have experience in Symfony 5 and higher.


  • We’re split into 6 teams, each of them includes 1 or 2 front-end developers, several back-end developers and QA
  • We conduct daily team meetings on Zoom (10-15 minutes), where we share task updates and discuss any questions
  • All changes are controlled through pull requests and code reviews
  • We write tests, but are constantly looking to expand our coverage
  • We release once a week, deployed by devops

What we offer

  • Brand new, cozy office in Belgrade opposite Saint Sava Temple
  • The office is equipped with ping-pong, table football, and PS5 with a large plasma screen
  • We will provide a Macbook Pro and other technical equipment, as well as the necessary software for your work
  • Flexible schedule
  • Annual performance bonus and salary review
  • Paid lunches and a well-stocked kitchen
  • We pay for English and Serbian classes. You will be able to attend any school you like.
  • VHI includes dentistry

You will be a good fit if you

Are a team player, not just someone who completes tasks. It’s extremely important to us that you enjoy what you do — we’ve found that this is the determining factor in building great products. Hence you should:

  • Have already become self-fulfilled and firmly established as a developer. Our system is closed can’t be published anywhere, with all the ensuing consequences
  • Be able to perform tasks on your own without much supervision from your PM. We won’t ask you for daily reports but cultivate an environment where all of us act in a professional manner and are aware of the importance of our work.
  • Not be afraid of challenges. Our projects can be very complex. You should be willing to immerse yourself in them and not be a bystander. We want to move forward together!
  • Not be in it purely for the great compensation. We understand the importance of this factor and provide a very competitive package. However, we also want you to grow, enjoy you job and appreciate working with your colleagues.


  • First Round: 2-hours Q&A zoom-call with the technical team (team lead + technical lead). If we feel that our goals are aligned, you will be asked to complete a few small tasks in Codesandbox for another 30 minutes.
  • Second Round: 30-minutes zoom-call with the Project Manager covering workflow topics.
  • Third Round: 30-minutes zoom-call with the Product Owner covering a wide range of topics.

If you feel our values are aligned with yours and this is an interesting opportunity to you, we’d be happy to meet you!